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The state of Colorado. Colorado is a state that offers outdoor activities for everyone. Prime country for fishing, hunting, trailrides, hiking, camping, you name it and somebody in Colorado can probably help you set up a trip to do it. You can pick up a map and pick your spot. Send for brochures for different types of outdoor activities. Pick the type of activities that looks interesting. Now you are ready to look for an outfitter or guide that can help you. OR if you are really ready for an adventure, see what the following outfitters offer. Many of them offer different types of trips and will mix and match activities to fit the desires of you and your group. When you find an outfitter that looks good, contact them and tell them what types of things you like to do. Maybe you want to combine a horseback, camping out and fishing trip. Maybe you just want to get back into the look fishing areas and get right to the fishing. Tell the outfitters what type of fishing you are looking to do and they can take you to the best location for that type of fish and fishing. They will know just where to take you and the best part is that they will also set up and do all of the camp chores so that your time is free to just enjoy. Don't be afarid to bring the whole family along for this vacation. There is plenty to do for all ages. The peace and solitude of the mountains is an ideal time for mom to unwind, while you concentrate on your fishing and the kids explore the flowers and small wildlife in the area.

Sure you could plan your own trip into the backcountry of Colorado,
but chances are that you have never really gotten back off of the beaten trail
like the professionals know how to do.

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